Because working together toward one goal connects your employees

Start a challenge with your entire organization

With the Bevoy application, you can easily organize a challenge. Walk around the world together, bike the Tour of Flanders or move together for a good cause? It is all possible! 

One for all, all for one

Connecting employees

  • A similar goal creates a sense of belonging.
  • Motivate initiative among your employees to achieve a challenge together.

Employer branding

  • Employees proudly share their victories on social media.
  • Fellow workers speak about their challenges to friends, family and community members.

Location Independent

  • Participate regardless of where you work.
  • You’ll stay connected to your colleagues in the office, at home or on the job.

Compose your own challenge

Challenge your organization to walk, bike, move and meditate. Decide how many steps, minutes, or miles your organization should cover.

Inspiration with +15 examples

Be assisted by the Bevoy team and choose from a library of challenges. 

Unique leaderboard where everyone takes about

Not everyone is equally competitive. Not everyone wants to see themselves appear in a ranking.

Discover the Bevoy leaderboard. You see only your own position, and what you need to do to defend your place or rise in the rankings!

This promotes communication among colleagues. In this way, we guard the privacy and at the same time stimulate interaction in your organization.

Organizing challenges compared in three different applications

We know that organizations often return to Excel and Strava when a collaborative challenge is initiated. However, these applications have limitations.
This while Bevoy is specifically designed to organize and easily track challenges with colleagues.


  • +500 participants possible
  • Automated tracking through wearables
  • Integration with other tracking apps
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Anonymous leaderboard
  • Library of challenges
  • Link to rewards & charities
Best choice


  • +500 participants possible
  • No automated tracking through wearables
  • No integration with other tracking apps
  • No mailing
  • No leaderboards
  • No library of challenges
  • No rewards or charities


  • Max. 25 participants
  • Automated tracking through wearables
  • No integration with other tracking apps
  • No mailing
  • Public leaderboard
  • No library of challenges
  • No rewards or charities

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