Measure and reward employee wellbeing on a daily basis

The only health and well-being platform that measures and rewards mental and physical health of employees on a daily basis.

A digital wellbeing program that stimulates and improves well-being every day

Move, answer & earn

With an extra push, we move together towards a healthier world 🌳 thanks to our digital wellbeing program

Walk, bike, move or meditate

Earn Lifecoins every day with every little effort you take.

Participate in Check-ups

Answer questions and gain insight into yourself.

Join challenges with colleagues

Compete against colleagues to achieve goals

Spend your LifeCoins

Plant a tree, support a charity or chose a gift curtosy of your employer
"Thanks to Bevoy, HR decisions are much more data-driven. They work with a sincere, positive framework that is evidence-based. Such an application anchors your corporate culture and undoubtedly contributes to greater well-being."
Jo Van De Weghe
Head of HR Training Dept. & Projects

Data for smarter decision-making

Insights into the mental and physical health of your organisation

The Bevoy wellbeing program helps you make decisions based on data

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Encourage simple, regular movement. Because healthy employees achieve more.

Increased productivity

A Dutch study by TNO shows that employee productivity increases by about 5% and absenteeism decreases by 15% when employees are healthy.

Increased Creativity

According to a Stanford University study, walking opens the mind and helps the flow of ideas. It influences creativity and helps improve thinking skills.

More motivation

According to a study by Szabo and Juhasz 2019, healthier employees are already found to perform better physically and mentally in the short term, becoming healthier, more efficient, more productive, more satisfied, more motivated and more loyal.

Increased loyalty

Deloitte’s Rise of the Social Enterprise study found that 60% of employers report that wellness initiatives have a positive impact on employee retention.

Bring employees together across teams, departments and locations

Antwerp based company rewards moving with extra time off

Read about how Halito! won a VOKA award by offering employees 10 minutes of vacation for every hour they move.

Every employee joins in 2 minutes

Inclusive and simple for everyone.

1. Download the application.

2. Connect to Google Fit or Apple Health

3. Move and earn!

Turn you organisation into the best version itself by tracking employee health and wellbeing

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Bevoy is the first wellness platform that measures and improves the physical and mental health of your employees every day. In a playful way, the entire organisation works together to make itself and the planet better. Over 80 types of rewards, 15+ scientific questionnaires, unique challenges and more. Book a demo today or contact us for more information.

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